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Make any recipe taste better and better for you

Check out our recipes below and find some foodie inspiration. Have an awesome recipe with VitaFiber®? Send it our way to be featured.

Absolutely scrumptious vegan cookies packed full of antioxidants and fibre!
A high fibre, high protein, low sugar alternative to your daily latte.
A simple and versatile spread packed full of antioxidants and great for your gut health. 
A guilty-free recipe for nutritious berry muffins!
A tangy and light spread for your favorite toast!
This delicious and indulgent cereal bar makes for a great snack!
So easy to prepare, and packed full of antioxidants!
Tasty and packed with protein!
 A sweet chocolate rice porridge in Philippine cuisine.
Satisfy your carrot cake craving with this bar version packed with fiber!
Delicious, nutritious, and satisfying!
Vegan, keto, and full of protein and fiber!