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Check out our recipes below and find some foodie inspiration. Have an awesome recipe with VitaFiber®? Send it our way to be featured.

Keep breakfast fun with some vegan oatmeal!
Looking for the perfect munching snack? Look no further this Cookies and Cream delight is dangerously addicting!
Tired of the same flavor palette for Indian food? Change it up with some pumpkin!
Who said vegan can't taste good! This soft and scrumptious cookies are perfect everybody.
Salads are a playground for flavor! Check out this protein and nutrient packed rainbow for your next meal or side dish.
Enjoy all the delicious flavor of pumpkin with these eye-catching blondies. Your next dinner guests will love these crunchy and perfectly flavored pumpkin chunks.
This recipe makes the perfect waffle - crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The taste is so delightful we're not sure you'll be able to share.
These decadent crispy delights are packed with benefits! Oh, and they are vegan, gluten-free, and low sugar too! Here's to the perfect treat you didn't know you were craving.
Paklava is Armenia's version of the classic Middle Eastern dessert pastry Baklava. This rich nutty dessert is bound to get you those extra points at your next dinner party. And the best part, this dessert uses very little sugar! Here's how to make it:

There's only one thing to know when it comes to peanut butter - you can put that 'ish in anything.

Want to make a good cookie? Peanut butter
Want to make a good stir-fry? Peanut butter better be in your sauce
Want to make a good smoothie? PB ALL THE WAY

That's why we've gone ahead and made some protein bars featuring our favourite leading lady: peanut butter. Peanut Butter Oatmeal Protein Bars that won't break your bank, and don't taste terrible.

Have you ever stood in the protein bar aisle wondering which bar to choose? You want something delicious, made with good ingredients and satiating. Instead of facing the ominous protein bar aisle, make your own with this fun and easy recipe!
Who said healthy must be basic?! Try this easy and upgraded humus recipe at your next gathering.